Plasma Pen is the beauty world’s #1, most advanced, en-vogue and non-invasive, soft-surgery skin lifting, skin tightening and rejuvenation device and treatment that’s used in a number of procedures to dramatically enhance looks without the need for costly and invasive surgery.

Our plasma device & sophisticated techniques – perfected across thousands upon thousands of treatments all over the world – help deliver a brighter, more contoured & more youthful appearance and results from our pioneering soft-surgery, sublimation treatment are virtually immediate & incredibly long-lasting (typically 3 years).

Plasma Pen ‘fibroblasting’ is a highly versatile & non-surgical procedure that’s stunningly effective in wrinkle smoothing, eyelid tightening & eyelid hood reduction (blepharoplasty) and able to treat, repair, lift & rejuvenate any area of the skin to spectacularly improve & brighten skin tone, laxity & texture, significantly tighten loose skin & dramatically reduce, inflate & plump lines & wrinkle.

Treatment plans are chosen to suit each individual. Most area’s can be treated within two sessions (in some cases where wrinkles are deeper set three treatments may be required).

Effects last around three years although many results are permanent.

One of the advantages of fibroblast is that it is much less invasive and a less expensive alternative to surgery. However this does not mean there is no downtime required.

Each healing process varies for each individual. You can experience significant swelling,particularly in the eye area where the skin is thinner.

The swelling reduces on day 2-5; the small crusts will reduce and be gone usually by day 5-7      These are purely cosmetic issues, and will cause no detrimental effects to your health.

Upper Eyelids £80

Under eye area £80

Smoker’s line & Nasolabial (smile lines) £80

Lower lip £80

Forehead & frown lines £80

Neck lifting £95